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  • Who will be the new king of #DragonBallFighterZ? Find it out by watching the RED BULL FINAL SUMMONING on January 26… https://t.co/JzROne1wim 15/Jan/2019 19:01:29
  • Developed specifically for close air support, the A-10C Thunderbolt Ⅱ is highly efficient against enemy ground forc… https://t.co/1zHInDjOV2 15/Jan/2019 16:00:22
  • Pilots, brace yourselves for takeoff in only 3 days. Are you feeling a little excited yet? ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNK… https://t.co/kWvfMPUlE3 15/Jan/2019 13:00:42
  • @XxThevius We only had one, and that was the first time we tried this format. Sorry if that was not matching your e… https://t.co/sxDMzlZ8Rd 15/Jan/2019 11:28:54
  • @CGYJWF Are you talking abou tthe triming of the announcement? If that's it, it's just becasue it was linked to an… https://t.co/rYIBU01gvL 15/Jan/2019 11:25:20
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