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  • War is about more than just violence, it's also about family. This is our heritage. https://t.co/kxhUf4HcIa 18/Sep/2018 16:12:06
  • To be ready for the launch of NAMCO MUSEUM ARCADE PAC on September 28th on Nintendo Switch, bring some retro-flavor… https://t.co/nredkKm4n1 18/Sep/2018 15:00:53
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 is one of the best-rated RPGs of all time! See what the critics are saying, then see it fo… https://t.co/qvcwScWU83 18/Sep/2018 14:04:45
  • Goku will be able to unleash the power of the Super Saiyan Blue in Jump Force! Can you guess how to activate it?… https://t.co/GUgMBhgYbS 18/Sep/2018 09:00:18
  • RT @TalesofU: [EU] Our good boy Repede was just a sneak peek. Check out the full contents of the Premium Edition of Tales of Vesperia: Defi… 17/Sep/2018 14:41:50
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